Brilliant Work, Brilliant Results

I truly believe that you were born with greatness and brilliance inside of you. I accompany you on your journey by serving you in rediscovering your unique spark and walking your path of empowerment by leaping into your brilliance.

My programs are designed to help you to transform your life authentically from within.  My approach is systematic, transformative, inspiring, empowering and revolutionary which is the right catalyst for true change.  But, don't take my word for it. See what others have said of our work together.

Debbie was absolutely the best experience! She is very professional, kind and supportive. Always believing in you and guiding through the challenges step by step helping to find solutions. I didn’t think I needed accountability but have to admit – weekly appointments made me do some things sooner than later ? Very good and productive experience, highly recommend Debbie if you looking for life or career coaching!

Isabelle Powers, Life Coach, , California, USA

Debbie’s warmth and inclusive spirit. Her positive outlook on life. The powerful processes she uses, such as visualisation, gratitude journals, thinking sheet. Questions that made my brain go blank ( a good sign that something meaningful is about to be expressed). I have had great benefits in my life, both personally and professionally thanks to coaching sessions with Debbie. Her warmth and inclusiveness have made me feel completely at ease to fully trust her and open up myself. Her questions are powerful and really get me thinking. As a results of the sessions, I feel I am more focused in my business and respecting who I am to my full potential. It is all about brilliance of being, which in turn yields business brilliance. I wish to thank Debbie from deep in my heart for being herself. I now realize how much good and positive aspects are in my life. I am much more focused on who I really am and my strategies are clearer. I respect myself more and take more care of myself.

AM, Business Owner and Coach, France

Before I received my coaching session with Debbie, I had 3 main challenges - 1) Fearing stepping away from the security of employment in order to live the life I deserve, following my passion. 2) Having the confidence to believe that I already have the necessary skills and talents to make my life a success. 3) Not allowing myself to set big goals, to dream big! The goals that I had previously set myself were mediocre and easily attainable. I knew I could do more, but was afraid to do so.

The challenges were affecting my life in many areas. I felt as though my life was not my own, it was almost as though I was living someone else's 'safe' life. I detested my job, not because there was anything wrong with it, only that it wasn't for me. I felt as though my relationship with others constantly suffered and I think that my lack of confidence in this area began to spill over into other areas i.e my relationship. I ended up making choices I would never have made if I was being true to me.

Since my coaching sessions with Debbie, I have been much happier. I have started my own private coaching practice working with one to one clients as well as being involved with training and group coaching. It has been far from easy, but I believe that the level of confidence I now have has enabled me to keep motivated and to continue to persevere. I believe in myself and my abilities so much more now, I also have a huge goal that I am currently working towards. I feel as though I am living as I am supposed to be, without limiting myself.

One of my favourite aspects of coaching with Debbie was her approach. Debbie is a fantastic coach and is very skilled at what she does, she was able to provide a nurturing environment where I felt comfortable to open up about many different things. However, Debbie was tough where she needed to be, pushing me through boundaries that I had created for myself. Without this approach, I would've stayed where I was, not only physically but mentally as well. I have also enjoyed my increase in confidence and self-esteem which is down to the coaching that I received.

AB, Life Coach, West Midlands, UK

Debbie’s coaching provided an amazing thinking partnership and support with an industry peer who has walked the same path.

I like the natural flow and connects in our conversations from one point to another. The genuine interest and desire on your part to facilitate my growth is heart-warming and a big plus Debbie explored my words in detail (where relevant) and ask me to elaborate on key points. This makes me get a more detail perspective on my own thinking. Debbie has asked me to push the boundaries again and again and this helps me to stretch myself and move beyond my instinctive limits.

I strongly believe that the work Debbie is doing with me will be useful to many other coaches/consultants who are starting up/expanding their ventures.

My sessions with Debbie were power-packed with insightful conversations and clarity of thought. She was genuinely interested in me as a person and my business growth aspirations. Debbie is generous in sharing her knowledge and with her time. I like the positive approach and action orientation she brought to the meetings and helped me set clear tasks for myself to move forward.

BR, Life Coach, India

My sessions with Debbie is an amazing experience, I was stuck in my business she has helped me to move forward. Before i contact her i didn't have a any plans now i after my sessions i have plans . Her coaching approach is very calm and warm which did makes it easier for me . Thank you

LH, Life Coach, UK

I recommend Debbie as a life coach and mentor, as she is professional, warm and approachable. She possesses the expertise, depth of knowledge and understanding that I was certainly looking for.

You may think why bother with a life coach, I can do all this myself but the truth is, the feedback and insight that you can get from another experienced person whose opinions you can respect is priceless. Let’s face it if you could do it all by yourself you would have done it by now!

Mrs. B., West Midlands, UK

I went home for a friends wedding and ended up engaged to my best friend and love of my life after 16 years. I have also decided to move back home to live and have a very promising lead for a job.

I would just like to thank you for the help and wake up call you provided to me as without you I do not believe that this turn of events would have come to pass.

So thank you I am eternally grateful. 🙂

Mr. M., West Midlands, UK and Zimbabwe

I have known Debbie for many years; I have always found her to be kind, calm and thoughtful. When we met, I was going through some major changes in my life, but she helped me to put things in to perspective, giving me the encouragement I needed to turn things around and make myself happy. In more ways than she’ll ever realize, she changed my life.

To all who know her, Debbie is a very important part of their lives, she has helped more people than I can count and she continues to help me. I am lucky to have someone like Debbie in my life and I know that she will be fantastic in anything she does.

Mrs. R., West Midlands, UK

I received 12 hours of coaching through my employers for my dyslexia which has been affecting my performance at work due to my organization, stress management concentration, memory and listening and taking notes.

Debbie was my Coach and she has helped in all areas of my life generally, not just work. I have put a lot into the coaching and it has been challenging at times but it has definitely paid off.

The only thing that would have made the coaching experience better, is if I had more time, but it has been great fun, it was very hard at times, but that just life. The challenge of it all has definitely paid off.

In life, you have opportunities and this coaching opportunity has helped me to come a long way in body and mind. If you have a chance to be coached, it is well worth it! It can turn your life around.

Mr. B., East Midlands, UK

I train a lot in the gym and was entering gym based competitions but I was struggling to perform to my potential. This was having a knock on effect in my life, I started to believe that I was failing and would never overcome the issues I was having, my training and confidence both started to suffer as a result. I needed someone to talk it through with and Debbie was the first person I thought of. She listened closely to what I had to say, she never made me feel stupid or that I was being over dramatic. She asked me questions that made me think about the situation from a different perspective and made me feel calmer and more in control of the situation.

I recently went on to do a 17k challenge and came 2nd overall with my partner, that is something that I never thought I would achieve and some of that success I attribute to Debbie and the time she gave me to figure it all out. I would highly recommend her services to any one needing someone to listen or give good advice.

Miss A., West Midlands, UK

I was diagnosed with dyslexia and received a series of 6 coaching sessions through work from Debbie. I have found the coaching experience very useful in my development. Not only in my career, but also my personal life.

When I first started my coaching sessions, I was lacking confidence, suffered from anxiety and my memory was not very good. I am not saying that Debbie provided a miracle and I am 100% in all these arrears – Not yet. But her support has been fantastic. Since I have been seeing Debbie one of my issues was anxiety in an interview. Luckily I was seeing her that morning of an interview for a better job and she gave me techniques to use within the interview. I could literally hear her voice and I got the job. Which I am very grateful for.

In regards to memory, she has also provided me with adequate strategies to put in place and examples to use when dealing with every day work life and home life.

Throughout, Debbie allowed me time and listened to me. I felt she respected me and actually cared. She set me homework and gave me feedback on how I was doing all throughout the 6 weeks.

I feel I have come on a lot with her support and I have the relevant information to use in the future.

Miss R., West Midlands, UK